Roofing Maintenance and Service

Protect Your Investment!

Roof systems tend to be overlooked and neglected but are subject to the most abuse of all building shell components.  Roof replacement costs can range from a few dollars per square foot to well over $15 dollars per square foot depending on roof access, building height, flashing considerations, slope requirements, asbestos removal, and roof top mechanical equipment.

What Should You Do?

Plan to get the most out of your roof system by implementing an ongoing maintenance program. Every roof needs regular checks for what may appear to be minor damage or degradation. But that “minor damage” could easily become a potential disaster.  Treat your roof as you treat all other assets and manage it to ensure the maximum benefit over its entire service life.

Call Us.

Talk to us about establishing a preventative roofing maintenance program.  Typical items included in our basic maintenance program are:

  • Semi-annual inspections
  • Detailed written inspection reports
  • Photographs of roof problem areas
  • Cleaning of drains and removal of debris
  • Inspection of general purpose sealant at roof system flashing joints, penetration pockets, etc.
  • Inspection for tears, punctures, and abrasions not covered under the terms of the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Inspection of interior and exterior walls for cracks and moisture stains.
  • Inspection of flashing conditions such as curbs and parapet walls

Let our team of roofing professionals work for you.

  • No one has more experience in roofing maintenance
  • Our fleet of maintenance trucks can be quickly dispatched anywhere in the tri-state
  • We can be on call for you around the clock

Did You Know?

The warranty on your roof can be voided by the manufacturer for lack of proper maintenance?

Reasons To Institute Our Roof Maintenance Program

  • It is much cheaper to find and fix leaks before they occur.
  • Roofs are a lot like cars.  They are “low” maintenance, but not “no” maintenance.  When we have customers who only fix their roofs when they leak but otherwise pay no attention to them, invariably they have far more leaks, spend more on repairs, and still replace their roofs much sooner than those who proactively maintain them.
  • Customers who only fix their roofs when they leak are the same customers who discover they have a major      roof problem when it’s too late to save the roof, and haven’t budgeted for the inevitable roof replacement.    The aim of our system is to make sure you’re never faced with that surprise.
  • Our repair technicians are specialists.  They know what to look for to avoid problems before they occur and they are well trained to find the source of a leak if one does occur.
  • Our response time goal for our subscribers is 24 hours. Subscribers will always receive priority over non-subscribers.
  • If you have an older roof our system will help you determine when it is time for a roof replacement.  Here’s how:

The 8% Rule

We use the 8% rule, which is the traditional rate of return on commercial real estate, as an unbiased and concrete way to help our customers determine when to replace versus repair their roof system. You can plug in any rate that suits your specific situation. This is how it works.

Once the roof begins to reach the end of its service life, if we can go up there and spend, not-to-exceed, 8% of the cost of a new roof on preventative maintenance and by making those repairs keep the roof “reasonably” watertight then we should do that forever and never replace the roof.  It is only when we can’t do it that we should replace the roof and then we should replace the roof immediately.

Let the 8% rule determine when you replace your roof.

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