Residential Roofing Services

 Eckstein Roofing in Cincinnati has been applying and maintaining steep slope roof systems since 1945. The vast amounts of knowledge and experience gained over the years has led Eckstein Roofing to be widely considered the premier steep slope roofing contractor in this area by homeowners and contractors alike.

A steep slope roof is a roof with a pitch of 3:12 (14 degrees) or greater. This type of roof system is most commonly found on residential dwellings but can sometimes be found on commercial/industrial buildings as well.

The steep slope roof system is comprised of three major components: the roof deck, the underlayment, and the roof covering. This type of roof is not meant to be weatherproof but water-shedding by design.

Due to the intricacies often times involved with the application of a steep slope roof, choosing the right roofing contractor who will use the very best products is of the utmost importance. 

So the next time you are considering a steep slope roofing project for your residence or your place of business trust Eckstein Roofing to keep you and your valuables safe from the elements.